L4B Software is your trusted partner for developing, AI/ML training, and deploying private, custom, and secure AI, ML, and AGI models. We prioritize your data’s safety, allowing businesses to maintain full ownership of their sensitive information. Our standout capability lies in providing comprehensive solutions that do not necessitate communication with external APIs or models, unless specifically required. By leveraging advanced techniques such as Federated Learning and Secure Multi-Party Computation, we ensure data privacy throughout all stages of AI model development and deployment. Choose L4B Software to access transformative AI and machine learning solutions that respect your data privacy needs while driving substantial business value.

Our AI Models Solutions for B2B

End-to-end AI/ML Model Development and Fine-tuning

AI/ML Consulting and Strategy Development

Generative AI Model Replication and Customization

Model Integration, Deployment, and Maintenance

AI Security and Private, Safe AI Models

Industry-Specific AI/ML Solutions

Unique Solutions

Cybersecurity for LLMs: L4B delivers advanced cybersecurity for LLMS, ensuring unparalleled data protection

Open Source LLMs & NLP: L4B specializes in Open Source LLMs & NLP, offering expertise in building and fine-tuning for advanced AI applications.

Healthcare Sector: Offering sophisticated diagnostic methods, individualized patient attention, and automated chat support for healthcare providers.

HR, Recruitment & Workforce Management: Automated hiring processes, increased employee involvement, and an inclusive work environment.

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Private, Secure & Safe AI

AI/ML Solutions for Embedded OEM (Embedded2Cloud)

Benefit from AI/ML solutions crafted for your industry.

Whether it’s healthcare, Automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, or IoT, we offer tailored solutions.

We provide services to manage sensitive data, personalize user experiences, drive predictive maintenance, improve security, and enable intelligent decision-making.

Robotics & Industrial 4.0: we offer specialized AI and machine learning solutions that enhance automation, perception, and decision-making capabilities, transforming your robots into intelligent, autonomous systems capable of adapting to complex environments.

Automotive/AD/ADAS: we provide cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions designed to enable advanced autonomous driving capabilities, optimize predictive maintenance, and ensure robust cybersecurity, accelerating your journey toward the next generation of intelligent vehicles.

Medical Devices & Health Care: Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, we provide tailored solutions for medical devices that enhance diagnostic accuracy, optimize treatment plans, and ensure secure and private data handling, meeting the rigorous standards of healthcare compliance.

OEM/ODM & Chip manufacturers: we offer specialized AI and machine learning solutions that optimize hardware efficiency, accelerate time-to-market, and enhance security features, enabling seamless integration and peak performance across diverse embedded systems.

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