A Bridge Between Innovation and Privacy – Private Secure Safe AI (PSSAI)

With PSSAI Platform, where we ensure that the advancement of AI technology and user privacy go hand in hand.

Our platform acts as a critical moderator between AI providers and end-users, fostering a secure, private, and compliant environment for data sharing.

Our Commitment to Privacy and Compliance

  • User-Centric Data Control: Users have the autonomy to decide what personal information they share, including location, gender, and other sensitive data.
  • Compliance with Global Standards: Aligning with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and the new EU AI Act, we ensure that our operations meet the highest standards of data protection and user rights.

The Role of the PSSAI Platform – We make Your AI Data-Pipe Safe Secure and Private

  • Secure Data Storage: Private data is stored in a specialized manner, accessible only under strict compliance guidelines, ensuring that AI providers do not have direct access to sensitive information.
  • Secure API Integration: Our platform offers a Secure API for AI providers, ensuring a seamless yet secure exchange of data, in line with the stringent requirements of the AI Act.

Empowering Users and AI Providers

  • Transparency and Control: Users have clear insights into how their data is processed and protected, with the ability to control their privacy settings.
  • Supporting AI Providers: We assist AI providers in navigating the complexities of data privacy laws, ensuring that they can innovate responsibly and ethically.

Secure Cloud and AI Solutions for Real-Time Data Protection

Adhering to the EU AI Act

  • Risk-Based Approach: In line with the AI Act, we adopt a risk-based approach to AI system integration, focusing on user consent, data protection, and ethical AI use.
  • Accountability and Transparency: Aligning with the AI Act’s emphasis on transparency, we provide detailed information about data processing and ensure accountability in AI-driven decisions.

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Discover how our platform harmonizes the needs of AI innovation with the imperatives of data privacy and security.

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